Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been published to provide a clear and concise outline of how and when personal information is collected, disclosed, used, stored and otherwise handled by the “Mental Health Case Notes” App (aka “The App”). The Policy relates to personal information collected by any means and by any technology.

1. Collection of Personal Information

Personal information is information or opinion from which an individual’s identity may be ascertained. The nature of personal information collected by the Mental Health Case Notes App generally comprises of data related to the professional practice of a mental health clinician.
The Mental Health Case Notes App does not collect personal information unless it is necessary for the Mental Health Case Notes App to perform one or more of its functions and activities.
The Mental Health Case Notes App will destroy personal information when it is no longer required for such functions and activities.
The Mental Health Case Notes App will generally collect this personal information from you directly, as part of your professional practice as a mental health clinician.

2. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Mental Health Case Notes App will use and disclose personal information for the purpose for which the personal information was initially collected.
The Mental Health Case Notes App may also use that personal information for a purpose related to the initial purpose of collection if that other purpose would be within your reasonable expectations. Related purposes might include internal auditing and administration, adding your name to a contact list, guest list or invitation list or helping us to identify production and broadcast activities which may be of benefit or interest to you.
The Mental Health Case Notes App will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purposes without first obtaining your express or implied consent.
The Mental Health Case Notes App does not collect or disclose personal information to the developers.

3. Specific Data-flows within the app

The Mental Health Case Notes App has been created, and is intended to be used for, the aid of mental health clinicians (aka “The User”) as part of their professional practice.
The App collects information entered into a form by you, the user, directly. Upon submission, the contents of the form are parsed internally by the app.
A PDF document is produced, and is directly attached into a precomposed email. This email is presented as a Draft, using the underlying email features of the device. This will use the default email account that you have previously configured on the device itself (in your device settings, this is the ‘Default Account’).
If you have not configured an email account on the device (e.g. an account associated with your professional practice), you will not be able to use this app to send PDF forms.
The ‘To:’ field of the precomposed email is, by default, empty, and is configurable by you in the ‘Settings’ page of the App.
You are required to maintain the security and proper operation of your email infrastructure and related network and device security. Image Direct Pty Ltd will not be responsible for the loss or theft of data from your device or during transit.
The Mental Health Case Notes App provides a precomposed email based upon your form submissions, and is not directly involved in any of the network-based activity of your device, including the submission and delivery of email via third-party means.
Once the PDF document has been generated and passed to the device’s operating system, it is discarded. Once you have returned from the device’s email composer, you are prompted to clear all previously entered data from the form.
The Mental Health Case Notes App does not disseminate any of the information entered into the assessment forms by means other than the PDF document attached to your precomposed email. Wherever possible, the App attempts to clear any temporary caches associated with the normal functioning of the App.

4. Changes to this Policy

Image Direct Pty Ltd may change this Policy from time to time for any reason and will update the Policy accordingly.